Sometimes I think the true definition of entrepreneurship is just the act of figuring stuff out. That’s what it feels like a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an aspect of it I love! Email marketing may be one of the things that you’ve tried to “figure out”. This is so much information out there about the best strategy to use, how to write copy that converts or which tool to use. With most business apps and tools, it seems that there are entrepreneurs in all corners, swearing by their email marketing platform of choice.

From my experience of talking to newbie business owners, most of them are most familiar or had tried MailChimp. It may be because it is one of the only free options. So, understandably, this is where a lot of people start.

I found myself exploring other options as there are some things about MailChimp that are, for lack of a better word, annoying. It can be notoriously difficult to use and customise. I had known about Flodesk for quite a while. Just being part of the online space you hear a lot about the different tools that people enjoy using. Needless to say, I fell in love with it for many reasons and made the switch.


I had to keep this at the top of my list as I think it’s is such an important factor when picking any new tool or software. We, as business owners, must be crafty when it comes to our time. We all have the same amount of time each day, but we can be smart and efficient in how we use it.

MailChimp is known for it’s awkward and stiff processes. It is outdated and visually doesn’t make completing tasks easy. Flodesk, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to navigate and use. There are clear headings and calls to action which makes each step of creating emails, forms and workflows a breeze. I honestly think that some tech companies fail to remember that not all business owners and entrepreneurs are tech-savvy. We also don’t have the time to learn complicated systems each time we sign up for a new tool. Flodesk has made this as easy as possible to learn. Anyone can sign up a create a beautiful email in literally no time at all.


The templates….. The beautiful templates! Flodesk has a wide range of easily customisable templates. They have even categorised them, depending on what your email goal is. Are you welcoming new subscribers or providing a Freebie? No problem, Flodesk have a suggested layout for not only the text but also pictures.

Once you’ve selected the template you prefer, you can then make it your own. You can easy drag and drop to change the layout, apply your branding, change font sizes and flip each design block. ZERO coding is required to customise each design, which saves so much time and stress.


Although MailChimp is free initially, it isn’t going to be feasible long-term as the price increases as your audience grows. You also need to pay more, the more you want to achieve. Not all plans allow you to customise your branding, for example. With Flodesk, there is one fixed price which gives you access to all of its features. The cost per month for Flodesk is $39 which is reasonable considering the amount that you can achieve with it, how easy they make everything and how stunning all of their designs are.

I have an affiliate link which will get you 50% of your subscription! Absolute bargain.


The Flodesk Facebook Community is amazing. You will find the answer to pretty much anything you can think of. Most things have already been asked, which is helpful when trying to solve a problem quickly. It appears from the outset that they have a dedicated Facebook group responder. As, whenever I’ve asked a question in the group, someone from Flodesk response SO quickly.

The Facebook group is almost used as a live chatbot, except it is way more personal and has a community vibe with other users sharing their experience and knowledge. This is a huge selling point for me, as to feel supported when trying to solve problems is something that would encourage me to stay with them for the long run.


Have you ever tried to solve a technical problem and you look up and 3 hours have gone by? No business owner has time for that. I feel it is important to note this point. You’re going to save so much time by switching to Flodesk from Mailchimp (or even other providers). Excellent customer service to solve problems quickly, easily customisable templates to create emails in a flash and its user-friendly navigation is going to mean you can start focusing on areas of your business that need you more. It is a no brainer for me!

If you’ve been on the fence as to whether to try email marketing, just give Flodesk a try. You can sign up for free and just take a look around. It isn’t going to be the laborious and time-consuming task that you may have anticipated. Email marketing is an important aspect of content marketing which allows you to reach your ideal customers or clients on a much more personal level. Making those close connections with people shouldn’t be a monstrous task, and it’s not with Flodesk!

What email marketing provider are you using? If none, are you thinking about it now?

Let me know below!