So you’ve decided you want to be a Virtual Assistant. That’s awesome, it’s seriously the most rewarding job I’ve ever done BUT there’s more to it than setting up an Instagram and looking for clients. There are some legal technicalities that go along with owning and running your own business. Thankfully, I’ll be covering all of them here!

The VA legal essentials that I recommend when you’re starting out: ⁣

✔️Register as a sole trader with HMRC.

✔️Register with the ICO and pay the yearly fee. The information commissioners’ office is a necessity if you’ll be receiving clients’ personal or business information.

✔️Get insurance (more on this in a future post!). I’m registered under Policy Bee, the best insurance for virtual assistants. The process is quite easy to set up too!

✔️Track your income/outgoings from day one so you can easily pay tax and national insurance. Start an excel sheet, register for QuickBooks. It’s so important to be aware of where your money is being spent.

✔️Purchase a freelance agreement (contract) and T&Cs. I recommend using VA specific contracts by KoffeKlatch.

✔️Website policies are important if you have a website. Make sure you speak to someone about what you need to include on your website to make it legal.

✔️A data processing agreement. Your business needs to be GDPR compliant in order to run legally.

✔️An associate agreement (if you work with associates). This might be handy later on in your business when you need help with your workload.

Boring? Kinda. Essential? You bet!

I often get asked how I got started, and honestly, this is how it all begins. Before you can focus on the beautiful branding or the glam networking events, you need to have the basics in place. Not just for your security, but for your clients as well.

I know it can all seem overwhelming, so if you have any questions about any of the above, drop your question below and I’ll help you as best I can!