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As solopreneurs and small business owners, we ARE our brands. We are the face of our business, the CEO, the marketer, the accountant and everything else in between. It is only right that our brand represents our authentic selves. A common struggle that new business owners face is understanding that in order for us to attract our ideal clients and therefore succeed, we have to stay true to who we are. Can you imagine how exhausting it would feel trying to be someone else all the time? Gosh, it wouldn’t be fair on you. It not only wouldn’t be fair on you but also your clients who deserve to get the true you. 

We are going to attract the right people, OUR people if we choose to be ourselves. We will start to attract our ideal clients. After all, an ideal client is a person or company whose problems are solved and needs are met with our services. Are there tonnes of people who can offer the same service as you? Absolutely. Will they deliver the same experience as you? NO. Only you can do that by being unapologetically you.

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

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Having worked with many business owners, a common theme among them was that they struggled with understanding how they should present themselves to an audience and whether by doing just that, would they be pushing some people away. It can be difficult to stop trying to please every single person. Many of us are people pleasers, by nature. When this seeps into your business, it can end in tears. You do not need to appeal to everyone. In fact, you only have to appeal to some, your ideal clients.

I read a great quote recently that described how if we try to speak to everyone, we then speak to no one. Our branding, our personal style, the way we talk, the colours we have chosen to use and every other detail that can be seen by prospective clients should be authentically you. The message that you put out there should be genuine and true. It is going to resonate with your audience which is a huge part of building trust with a potential client. So next time you have doubts and are thinking “Is my website too girly?”, “Do I look too young?” or “Am I dressed smart enough?” remember that you don’t need to be anything other than who you are. 

I have seen it time and time again with my friends and clients. Once the walls start coming down and an audience gets to see the true them, nothing but good things start to happen. After all “Everything you want, wants you back” Never forget that. Call it fate, call it the law of attraction or call it whatever you like but I really think it’s real. 

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The Power of Choice

One thing that sets those who continue to grow in their businesses and those who feel stuck or that they aren’t progressing is one word; NO. 

The beauty of owning your own business and working for yourself is that you have the power to call the shots. You have a choice to say no. It may feel tempting to take on every client that contacts you even though they might not feel like a good fit for you. Especially at the beginning stages of a business, it can be SO hard to turn people away. I have seen the amazing things that can happen if you choose to hold out for the right fit for you and your business. 

Now, you may choose to take on a few less ideal clients at the beginning to gain experience and build up a portfolio. This is totally OK and can sometimes be a right of passage for a new business owner. However, as your business grows, you should be making decisions that are completely aligned with you and your brand.

Remember that you became an entrepreneur to run things your way in every way. Your clients are your choice and so is your branding! So make the most of it. Don’t become an entrepreneur just to become an employee again.

When the RIGHT ideal client comes along, TRUST ME, you will feel it. Communication will be clear and open, boundaries will be respected, your invoices will be paid on time and NOT contested.

Be Unapologetic

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Having the confidence to stand behind your values and opinions is a very empowering thing and confidence will follow. Having the belief in yourself to be unapologetic about what your brand stands for, what type of people you want to work with and what your job description is, will be really appealing to your audience. You are going to come across as someone who knows exactly who they are and is not going to apologise for it or change. You will start to look like the boss you are. You are also going to start looking like an authority among your industry and there is no way you will be doubted for your abilities or your place among your competitors. 

So, be you. In every single way. You will start to attract YOUR people and your soul will be full of happiness and ease. You know why? Because you are completely aligned and you know you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. 

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