Some of these links are affiliate links. This means that while the products cost you exactly the same, I may earn a small commission for recommending them. However, I own every single one of these products and ONLY recommend items I use on a daily basis or books that have changed my life.

Portable External Hard Drive

I store all my data on an external drive so that if my laptop were to break or get stolen, I wouldn’t lose everything with it. It’s also super cute!

Phone Ring Light

This little life saver clips over the camera on your phone and shines a light on your face to make sure the quality of your Insta stories is 10/10.

Phone Tripod

Not only is this great to go hands-free while you’re filming stories, but it means that you can take your Insta photos without needing to rope on of your friends in! The Bluetooth remote allows you to take photos of yourself without the awkward selfie arm!


I use this whiteboard for literally everything. To get all my thoughts down, to review my client tasks, to make to-do lists. I honestly use this SO often and it’s super convenient to have in my office. It’s also much more environmentally friendly than going through 5 notebooks a week!

Ring Light & Tripod

When I started making courses I purchased this sturdier tripod with built in ring light and it’s amazing!!


This microphone is perfect for recording podcasts, having better quality sound on your video calls and also karaoke at the weekends.

Becoming a Badass VA Course
Are you ready to start your VA journey but want some guidance along the way? Well I’ve got just the course for you!