The Admin Package




I’ve got not 1, not 2, but 5 templates included in this package (and trust me you’ll need all of them!)

  1. Email prospect template
    Cold emailing is hard, there’s no doubt about it. But done right, boy does it work! This is the EXACT email template I use that brings in at least 50% of my clients.
  2. Overdue payment template
    At some point you will inevitably come across an overdue payment. If you want to handle this legally, it’s important you handle it properly from day 1. This is the exact template I used on two clients who didn’t want to pay (and they paid.)
  3. Client termination template
    Sometimes you will decide to end a contract for one reason or another, but given that a contract is legally binding, it’s good to have peace of mind that you are ending this in the right way.
  4. Invoice template
    There are many invoicing templates out there, but this one includes everything a VA needs to send out to clients.
  5. Client lead template
    When you first speak to a client on the phone or meet with a client for coffee there are certain things you need to discuss before you can get started. This template acts as the perfect prompt to ensure you ask all the important questions and start the working relationship off in the best possible way!


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