Podcast All Business Owners Should Listen To

The 22nd September marks International Podcast Day! When I started on the road to entrepreneurship, I consumed as much information as I could from books, websites and podcasts. Listening to seasoned business owners talking about the struggles and joys of this life resonated with me so much. I found so many great podcasts that dived into every facet of owning a business, from startup stage to scaling and hiring. One benefit is, of course, that you can listen on the go and when you’re exercising! As business owners, it’s great to find ways that we can utilise our time. We’re busy AF, right? 

Although Podcasts aren’t a replacement for hiring a coach, they are SUPER helpful and can really make you feel that you’re apart of something. Business podcasts are great but aren’t the only type which I think are hugely beneficial for any entrepreneur. Your mindset and health play a major role as we aren’t creating a job for ourselves but a lifestyle. To mark the day, I thought I would dish on my personal favourite podcasts (some of which I have even featured on!). There is a mix of business, motivation, mindset and health so hopefully something in there for everyone.

The Soulful Social Podcast with Madison Tinder 

Madison is a multiple six-figure business mentor helping other entrepreneurs strive and grow. This podcast, which is nearly on its 50th episode is amazing and features a range of topics such as business, marketing, social media, mindset and so much more. I was lucky enough to feature on her podcast in April this year. We spoke about scaling a business, booking out in six months and hiring a team. If you want to check that episode out, click here!

The Freelance Fix, ByRosanna 

Rosanna is a brand and website designer who also offers so much amazing value and content for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. One of the reasons I love this podcast so much is the variety of different topics, episode to episode. One week she may be talking on tips for working from home, the next on growing an email list or dealing with competition. All service-based entrepreneurs and freelancers would find great value in listening to The Freelance Fix. In March, I spoke with her about scaling a service-based business! If you’re interested in listening, you can check it out here.

Agency Trailblazer – Lee Matthew Jackson 

Although a web design podcast, Agency Trailblazer features episodes all business owners could benefit from listening to. Some topics featured include burnout (ekkk, no one wants to hear that word) to finding your niche. I’ve also been featured on the podcast where I take a look back at the start of my biz journey and the lessons I learned, especially when nailing down an ideal client. Have a listen here

The Wealthy Fempreneur Podcast, Alyssa Hammond

Alyssa is a Money Empowerment Coach and also a business strategist. Be sure to check out here IG as it’s full of bright colours and positivity (which is SO Alyssa). This podcast is about all things money mindset which, as business owners, can be something we all struggle with. She also states that she wants to make money fun rather than this stressful thing we can sometimes associate it with. To give you a taste of the episodes, there is one on 5 Tips for a Thriving Business During a Pandemic and another on Top Budgeting Mistakes. This podcast is so helpful and just a great listen. 

School to Greatness, Lewis Howes

Lewis, the former professional football player, turned best selling author and entrepreneur has a phenomenal podcast. It is a top-ranking business and self-development podcast with topics such as fitness, money, entrepreneurship, spirituality, purpose and more. He has had some of the most influential people on Earth feature such as Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty and Mel Robbins. I have gotten so much value from this podcast. Give it a listen here

On Purpose, Jay Shetty 

Jay is an author and purpose coach (you’ve probably seen his videos on Facebook). He has become crazy successful through coaching and helping others with influence from his time spent as a monk. On Purpose is a wonderful podcast exploring our purpose in every aspect of life. I particularly enjoy this one for its guest diversity and how a range of different hugely successful people view purpose, mindset and how to be successful both personally and in business. Some guest includes Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, 50 cent and Steve Aoki. 

Being Boss, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon 

I had to end this list with a female hosted podcast, obviously! These two lovely ladies are branding and coaching experts. This podcast is for creatives, business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to take control and be the boss of their lives. The episodes generally will focus on mindset, tools and strategies to get to where we want to be. To give you an idea, one episode is all about how to create a business plan and another on how to thrive being alone. A really varied and valuable resource. 

There are so many podcasts out there, it would be a struggle to come close to detailing every single one that I’ve found value from. However, here are just a couple that should get you started. I would LOVE to know what your top Podcasts are! Let me know below and maybe I’ll add it to my list. 🙂 🙂

Oh… and Happy Podcast Day! xxx