The hourly rate of someone who is self-employed is higher than that of a normal employee. Given that you don’t get paid holidays or sick leave, cover your own taxes and NI and pay for all your own equipment and resources, I think that’s pretty acceptable! ⁣

For some reason, when it comes to asking for our rate, we can get a bit uncomfortable. It can still be really hard to say to someone “my rate is £x” or “actually that’s below my hourly rate, I’m sorry.” ⁣

We question ourselves. We doubt our worth.

Am I good enough to charge that much?⁣ 

What if there’s someone charging less?⁣

What if my work is rubbish? ⁣

What if they choose someone cheaper? ⁣


YOU choose your hourly rate. Want to charge £1 an hour? Go for it. Want to charge £1000? Go for it, no one stopping you. YOU run your business so only YOU have the authority to decide what your time is worth and who you want to work with.

So many times people have questioned my prices or tried to haggle. I stand my ground and say “I’m sorry, my hourly rate is £x and that is what all of my clients pay”. ⁣

9 times out of 10, they actually praise me for sticking by my guns. It makes them think “if she can turn down work and stick by her hourly rate, she must be busy enough to not worry about having me as a client, and therefore must be good”. ⁣Not lowering my rates has gained me their respect. 

Sticking by your hourly rate will do nothing but show that you have respect for yourself and your work and you do not need clients who don’t respect that too. ⁣

So next time someone says “can you do it any cheaper?” say no. ⁣

Next time someone says “but there are cheaper people?” say yep, but this is what my time is worth.

As one door closes (and a client walks out), a new one opens (and a better client walks in). They can’t walk in if that old client is standing in the way though! ⁣ ⁣