Are you struggling to find new clients right now? The number one question I get asked is “how do I get more clients?”

Do you find yourself ‘looking’ but not really getting anywhere?
Do you feel like you’re trying but seeing no results?

Here are 8 actionable steps you can follow today to land a new client FAST.

Reach back out

Go back through your messages and make a list of all the people you have spoken to who said they might be interested in your services at some point in the future. Reach out to them all and see how they are getting on. You never know, one of them might sign up!

Utilise your business cards

Talk to people about what you do, and swap business cards – make genuine connections. When you’re at the farmers market, try exchanging cards with the stallholders. Then once you’re home, reach out to each one with a personalised email about how much you liked their product (be genuine) and offer your services. Remember all those businesses at the Christmas market you went to last year? Think of how many of those people may have needed your services but didn’t know you offered them. Take you business cards everywhere!

Speak to local businesses

Think about a small business you regularly use. Whether this is a local independent clothing store, local butcher, or tuition company for your kids, reach out to them and ask if they need any ad-hoc admin support. People are much more likely to hire people they know!

Networking events

Look on Eventbrite for a networking event taking place near you this week and take a handful of business cards with you. Don’t be afraid to walk up to everyone in the room and talk about what you do and how you could help them. Even better, go to as many networking events as you can get to!

Facebook groups

Find and join a new Facebook group this week where you think your ideal client might be hanging out. Check their rules to see which days they allow promotions and make a post offering your services! Most groups allow an intro post or comment too so you can enter the group by talking about your services (without technically promoting yourself).


Send an email out to your current clients, offering a discounted rate, if they refer someone over to you. Don’t offer them too much, just an hour free should be enough to give people a nudge. This is a great incentive for your current clients to reach out to their networks and they’ll hopefully be giving you glowing reviews as they refer you!

Share testimonials

Screenshot some of your results/testimonials and post them in a Facebook group with the caption “who wants results like this🙋” and reach out to everyone who engages. A humble brag never hurt anyone. Social proof goes a long way in comforting new clients into trusting you with their businesses.

Leverage your network

Put together an introductory post about who you are and what you do, together with a picture OF YOU and post it on ALL your social media accounts. I’m talking about your Facebook profile, Instagram profile, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as any of your business pages too. As they often say, it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. You might not think that you know any business owners but that friend from high school you never talk to anymore might just have the best lead you’ve ever seen.

And there you have it, 8 steps you can take to expand your network and reach out to new clients right NOW.

It’s time to make some moves and start seeing results.

Which one will you start with?